Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Aur Insaan Zinda Hai

AUR INSAAN ZINDA HAI is a novel by Obaidullah Baig. This novel was first published in 1961 and the second edition was published in 1991 by Times Press (Pvt) Limited. The title of this novel is such tantalizing that it just raises consciousness to a different level of wonderment.

AUR INSAAN ZINDA HAI is a story of man and his struggle in the face of adversity. A man that has his feet on ground but his eyes on the horizon where is writ large his ideals, dreams and a world that is a blissful, purposeful and meaningful place if not a sort of Utopia. But all that collapses on a day of devastation of Basantpur, a village in pre-partitioned India. From a romantic idealist he becomes a savage, a killing machine that has only one program at hand - revenge. The main character of the story Narindra is a symbol of a human sensibility that basically nurtures on Love. He can take defamation, pain and even insult on his self but when confronted with a possibility of pain inflicted on his ideals, dreams and loved ones he throws all pathos, humility, love and utopian thoughts to fire and burn them to ashes and from that ashes rises a new man full of animosity, hatred, revenge and devastates whatever comes his way that justifies revenge rationale.

The story is based on a factual account but beautifully punctuated with necessary craftsmanship which makes this a most interesting and fabulous piece of writing. The language used is flowing like stream and the thoughts that writer inculcates to convey meaning of life are thought provoking and impending.