Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dasht -e- Sos

Historical Novel writing is not an easy job, one must have grip on facts and a style that makes an interesting readings. Naseem Hijazi was one such writer and when Jamila Hashmi wrote Dasht e Sos she also claimed that distinction.

Dasht e Sos is a novel about story of Hussain bin Mansur Hallaj. This novel was first published 27 years ago in 1983. The story of Hallaj is both fascinating and sad. Hallaj an anxious and curious spirit had questions unanswered, he was seeking some answers and wanted to get those like Hazrat Musa(Moses) got at Kohe Tur (Mount of Sanai). He wanted to reach to God like where there is no Hijab (veil) left, so he indulge himself into such prayers and meditation that were tough and beyond the capacity of normal human beings and they bring to him such awareness which he could not muster and in mystification said something that took him to the woods and was crucified. But that was not the only reason for his crucifixion, there is lot in between, a relations of hate and love. Love not only with the immortal and pristine but also with a mortal and beautiful princess. Which Love finally takes him to gallows is an interesting tale narrated in this novel.