Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Manchalay ka Sauda

Manchalay ka Suda was written by Ashfaq Ahmed and it was televised as serial from Pakistan Television, later due to its astounding substance and rich insightful material it was published as a book.

Ashfaq Ahmed says about this amazing work that the birth of this drama serial is connected to two positive and negative wires out of that one is hooked to tasawaf and Gnosticisms and other to science, specially physics and more so in physics to the Quantum Theory.

This is a book of marvel, mystery and questions, questions that each character is asking in the each sentence that this book displays. This book is about knowing an known, about knowing what is known but not reflected and understood as it must be, pondering and stopping a while on obvious which is not considered as worthwhile.

This is the story of a man who was in search of meaning in his life and a path that would lead him to the destiny that he was created for. The meaning and the path he discovers not through philosophers, intellectuals or learned academicians but through four ordinary mortals, a shepherd, a cobbler, a sweeper and a postman.

One glorious line of this book is worth noting and remembering, the lead character Arshad says:"Religion has no fear of science, it does not tremble before discussion but before ignorance yes."


  1. hmm...nice Review...

    Dar Sahid...you should start writing book reviews....

  2. sirf yeh aik line nahin..bohot si lines aisi hain jo quotable hain..aik shandar tehreer..Ashfaq Ahmed ki..jinnhein aik dunya Ashfaq Baba kehti hai :)

  3. i am watching this drama right now and i feel so sad that such literary jewls have been hidden from our generation. This drama is powerful! Great review sir!

    1. Thanks Kamran, please enjoy this fabulous drama and later I would recommend you read this book, you will simply love it.