Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ghare Hira mai aik Raat

Mustansar Husain Tarar is a name synonymous with excellence, when he write everything else becomes secondary. He started as a travelogue writer than established himself as a finest novelist of Pakistan. The book under review is his travelogue, in which he spent a night in Ghare Hira, and the account of that has been narrated in the most captivating and spiritually enthralling manner which grips the reader and the reader feels to be present in the same time and space in which the author is present.

In this book when the narrative peaks and the author speaks about his experience, his feeling and his physical, mental and spiritual state in the blissful and empowering environment of Ghare Hira, when all of a sudden he stands witness to the gone centuries leading to the times of Prophet he is just mesmerized with the effect of those, where past comes to present, where present just becomes immaterial. At this point of time I was personally so absorbed that I thought I was transmigrated to that era, but one thing never left my mind during those moments was poem MASJID E QURTABA by IQBAL. I thought I was experiencing that greatest Urdu poem in prose of Mustansar Husain Tarar.


  1. Phir Madiney men hona keasa hota hey.

    Na janey is naam (Madina) men aisi kon si taqat hey jo ankhon men aansu ly aati hey.

    Great choice!

  2. The mere name Madina brings a sense of blissfulness, soulfulness and a feeling of extreme satisfation. Thanks Saira

  3. During 2006/07 Hajj-e-BaitULLAH, I had an opportunity to visit masjid nabawi.
    Among my other desires, my wish to be in Riyadul jannah remained unfulfilled till the day we were told to leave Madinah in a few hours.
    Oh boy! That moment was terrible for me, I prayed to Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless me a few seconds in there to let me offer just 2 rakats nafal.
    Oh my God, I love you so much--as you heard me and the shurta looked at my face and let me in.
    Allah Taalaa saw my sincerity in my tearful eyes.
    That was my extreme satisfaction.

  4. nice effort . we lack people who can appreciated literature of pakistan:)

  5. Thanks Tariq Mian and Aaleen Shafaat for your comments.

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  7. i just loved it... seriously...

  8. behadd khoobsurat kitab hai.tarar saheb ka bayan aur ghar-e-hira ka mahoul.. subhanAllah... subhanAllah